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Download printable versions in rtf format (works in any version MS Word, standard Windows accesory Wordpad, etc...).

The files are optimalized for printing with the following page parameters [to be set in FILE > PAGE SETUP/OPTIONS]:

MARGINS:                    SIZE:
top           0,6 cm            Letter (A4)
bottom     0,4 cm                                                                                    Download the archive
left           1 cm                                                                                          
right         1 cm                                                                                       HTML version
header     0,4 cm
footer      0 cm

The file You download is a self-extracting rar archive (120kB) that contains five alternative layouts:
file name columns font size total pages to print
cohen lyrics 2-10.rtf 2 10 32
cohen lyrics 3-10.rtf 3 10 24
cohen lyrics 4-9.rtf 4 9 19
cohen lyrics 5-7.rtf 5 7 12
cohen lyrics 6-7.rtf 6 7 11
Download the archive      
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