Pictures from the past hippies' pilgrimages - very unique collection of photos by the professional photographer Ota Nepily
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The baptism of Sára. Dáša is holding her. 1996

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Czestochowa 1986

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The Drummer, 1986

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Manifestation 1994

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Peace, Love, Freedom. 1986.?

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Some people jump in the water in whatever they have on. Other bathe nude. Some accidental locals sometimes get really perplexed...

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...and saxofons, clarinets, didgeridoos, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonicas, drums, keyboards, and of course, vocals...

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  All pictures here made and scanned by Ota Nepily, Brno, CZ, copyright.

Introduction/index to this All-Polish Pilgrimage of the Youth of Various Paths, or Hippie's Pilgrimage, or Szpak's Pilgrimage.

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