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Many more pictures from the hippie pilgrimages in Poland and from the USA will be added later.

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1995 Wall paint on Anarchist Bookstore on the famous Height Street, San Francisco, the birthplace of Hippies. These days, the street seems to be more a legend than actual happening place, many hippies moved out of the city and settled e.g. in northern coastal California, but there are still a few cool people around.
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1995  The toilet building in "The People's Park", Berkeley, Ca. Berkeley is one of the coolest towns in the USA. Big university, vicinity of San Francisco, lush vegetation, pleasant clima and population of progressive and leftist people (unlike in the Eastern Europe, leftists here are mainly progressive, interesting, brave and fun to be with people) make for very interesting and inspirational atmosphere. The citizens here are also very political and involved. They protest the most against imperialistic wars, excessive police force, injustice. The gas companies that abuse their power and destroy the nature excessively in developing countries are banned from operating gas stations in the city, etc.
There are excellent social services, Berkeley is the only town in the USA that I know where You can get any dental help for free if You don't have much money, free lunches served to homeless in the park are standard.
There is a drum circle every Sunday on the university campus, lots of musicians on the streets.


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