More pictures by Ota Nepilý

Here are a few more pictures from the pilgrimages. Don't miss the introduction to hippies' pilgrimages, higher resolution picture page and pictures by Petr

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Father Szpak, You have been with us for 20 years!
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So this is Ota Nepily, the author of these pictures...
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Andrzej Szpak
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Father Szpak in the air...


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Pictures by from the pilgrimage of 2000 and from some hippy events in the USA will be added when he will buy a scanner (hopefully within a few weeks). So far, there are only 2 pictures...

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A few more pictures by Ota, scanned only roughly, are here.

Introduction to this All-Polish Pilgrimage of the Youth of Various Paths, or Hippie's Pilgrimage, or Szpak's Pilgrimage.

2001 pilgrimage.

Peace with You!