Pictures from the hippie pilgrimage

People send me pictures from the pilgrimages and hippie-related pictures and I exhibit them here permanently.
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The first shipment came from  "Asia P.", Thanks. All four pictures are from the pilgrimage of 2000.

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Father Andrzej Szpak thrown into the skies. Czestochowa.

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The last day before we came to Czestochowa we camped at this unusual place - an artificial lake, sand, waterspout. It is hard to find a hospitable place near Czestochowa - there are just too many pilgrimages passing every year. The local people are getting tired or start to think: Money! The whole enlightening atmosphere of the pilgrimage can disappear around here. But we keep it within. Unfriendly locals can even be positive to us: nobody goes to sleep to private houses and so we are at least for one night all together.

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Joanna and Igor under a tree